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“Lions Roar For Reading” (Book Club)

The Louisiana Academy’s Book Club (“Lions Roar For Reading”) is designed to revitalize the role of literature in the community and to encourage kids & adults to read for pleasure and enlightenment.  Lions Roar For Reading’s effort will be to read and discuss a single suggested book or the work of a poet by the end of a scheduled timeframe.  Lions Roar For Reading will conduct community-wide reads of a selected book or poet’s work and will meet at the end of scheduled timeframe to discuss the selected work with the children.  Lions Roar For Reading will hold group discussions by age at various locations throughout the city to follow up on that assigned literary work.

“I Want To Be…” (Mathematics & Reading Tutorial)

This tutorial program will consist of citywide after school tutoring sites that will primarily focus on two main topics.  Mathematics and Reading have been identified has hot topics of problems for our youth’s educational growth.  These topic failures have been evident in test scores and course grades.  This tutorial program will assist the students in creating a solid foundation in these subjects.  The program will also provide the students with insights on how these subjects play active roles in any career path they choose, hence the name “I Want To Be…”.  Even though the primary subjects are mathematics and reading, the program will be open for tutoring in other subjects as well.

S.T.A.R.T. (Start Today At Reaching Tomorrow) Higher Learning (College Tours)

The program is called Starting Today At Reaching Tomorrow (S.T.A.R.T.) Higher Learning College Tour.  This program will service boys & girls currently in grades 8th through 10th.  This program will consist of field visits to Louisiana Universities & Colleges.  Visit timeframes will be based on the scheduling of the institutions but not to exceed two days per institution.  A visit to all participating institutions will be considered one complete tour.  This program will focus on nurturing the need to prepare for higher education now.  This program will create this sense of urgency early in a youth’s academic career and not just when the guidance counselor speaks about ACT & SAT test in the 12th grade.

My Eyes Have Seen The Glory: The Power of Knowledge (Educational Contests & Camps)

The program is called “My Eyes Have Seen The Glory: The Power Of Knowledge”.  The program will consist of reading assignments, essay contests, math bowls, and spelling bees.  The program will focus on instilling the desire and awakening the senses of the power of learning.

“Lift Every Voice” (Career Planning Seminar Series)

The program is called “Lift Every Voice – Seminar Series”.  The program will consist of guest speakers from various career arenas.  The program will focus on allowing the student to receive hands on information & career advice from actual person who has experienced and conquered the trials needed to succeed in a specific profession.  The students will not only hear about the profession firsthand but will also be allowed to ask follow-up questions pertinent to their situation.

All State Academic Team (Academic Recognition Program)

This program is implemented in conjunction with the Louisiana Youth Sports Network’s athletic programs.  Any student athlete who maintains a 3.0 or better GPA during the Network’s athletic season will be named to the Louisiana Academy All State Academic Team for each age division.  These student athletes will be nominated by their coach for consideration and an official report card or progress report must accompany the nomination.  These All State Academic Teams will be recognized during each athletic program’s Championship Game.

“The Dumb Way” (Conflict Resolution Discussions)

The program is called “The Dumb Way”.  The program is named this because of an overwhelming trend in the urban communities to glorify making bad decisions and claiming personal pride as the rationale.  The program is designed to address more of the social ills of the students’ community.  The program will focus on educating the student on proper conflict resolution from an urban perspective.  It will address social issues of morality by working to redefine urban self-pride, self-discipline, and self-worth.  The program will take some different approaches to reach the current urban social dilemmas of the student through hands on role-playing activities and group discussions.

Right Roads (Educational Field Trips)

The program is called “Right Roads”.  The program will consist of field trips to positive and negative institutions.  Right Roads will conduct field trips to the Governor’s Mansion & the State Capital and field trips to Angola State Prison & New Orleans’ historical graveyards.  The program is designed to give the students hands on experience at the highest level of our state to the lowest level of our state.  The program will focus on teaching the student to discover the right roads to travel by exposing them to the final destination of a path chose.  The program will also attend social events with the objective to spur the student interest in the arts & humanities offered in our great cities & state.

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